Monday, July 18, 2011

EO Optical Enhance Contact Lenses

I have an eyesight of 175 Left and Right. This is relatively not high compared to some of my friends but when I take off my glasses or contact lenses I see the world as a blurry image. I've worn glasses since 2nd Year High School and I started wearing it simultaneously with contact lenses when I was in Fourth Year High School. I love wearing my glasses because of its low maintenance versus contact lenses however I do get the nerdy-geeky looks sometimes because of it. Of course I love wearing contact lenses as well! It makes me look prettier and my eyes brighter - this is probably the effect of the color. However, when I choose contact lenses, I always opt for the Brown shades. I wanted to buy a Dali Black contact lens but since it was unavailable, I bought a Dali Brown Contact Lens. This is a single color lens so it looks more natural.

the collection to choose from

colors I chose from

I chose Dali Brown

Trying out different colors are tiresome however it's worth it and it's fun as well! What I like about EO Optical is that their lavatory is clean and they provide paper tissue and proper disposal bins. They also have a handwash and Lens solution available for use and of course a big mirror. I bought my lens at EO Optical SM Cagayan de Oro Branch.

My contact lens

Paying up for my new contact lens

My Sauflon solution

I've been using the Sauflon solution since I started wearing contact lenses and they come in three different bottle sizes. A smaller one, easy to bring, is also available in EO Optical branches. 

Friday, July 08, 2011

[Food Review] Johnny Rockets Eastwood

Last weekend 2 July 2011 (Saturday) I went to Eastwood to watch the movie Transformers 3 in 3D. It was my boyfriend's treat so I happily went with him. After we bought the tickets, we spent time in timezone at the new Eastwood Mall and we found a super kawaii perikura picture machine which was only worth Php39. It's stationed outside the entrance of the arcade. Perikura pictures are famous in Japan and in fact when I went there a few years back, when I entered the arcade about 10 different perikura picture machines where there - each having its unique color scheme and design.

Photo booth Machine

our pictures

By the way, since the machine has a Bluetooth option - I had these pictures Bluetoothed to my phone. After our pictorial session we decided to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets. When we were seated, it was just about time for the crew to be dancing so I got a picture of the crew dancing. 

dancing crew

Dancing is their gimmick to keep the customers entertained, well I was entertained. The place really looks nice because of the typical American style restaurant with old pictures of American art were designed in the walls. We ordered a chicken fingers meal with unlimited fries plus we also ordered unlimited soft-drinks. The glass for the soft-drinks was so cute and sexy. I liked their chicken fingers because it was chewy and delicious. It wasn't salty nor oily at all. that's why I enjoyed eating it. It was served hot so it took me some time before biting one since doing so would hurt my sensitive teeth. 

chicken fingers and fries

coca cola - Johnny Rockets glass

It's an aye aye captain for my Johnny Rockets experience!