Sunday, June 19, 2011

Giveaways Hunt June 2011

One of my coolest and probably weirdest (to some) hobby is online contest hunting. Well, I don't just hunt, I also join them as well. I love reading beauty blogs and fashion blogs and I have been following a lot of amazing bloggers lately especially when I opened up this blog. Seeing how fascinated I am to famous bloggers, I decided to open my own official blog site and viola I give you! Some of the awesome giveaways that I have recently found are the following. 

until July 1 by blogger thereafterish

Blogger thereafterish is having an awesome and lovely blog giveaway which I which I too would be doing on my blog's anniversary. See for the complete mechanics. There will be two winners in this giveaway and I hope I am one of them *giggles*. Good luck!

A Visit to Tony & Jackey Salon

Months ago my sister had her curly hair done at Tony & Jackey SM Cagayan de Oro Branch and I really liked her hair. They use a digital hair perm system suited for different types of curls. This June my sister decided to have her hair colored so we visited Tony & Jackey and since I tagged along with her she treated me to a free nail cleaning and color.

Salon Entrance

Modern and sophisticated interior design

What I love about Tony & Jackey aside from their good service is the aesthetics of their salon. The salon lighting is very good ang you have a modern feel of the place. Aside from the photo above, they also have soft couches and a TV that shows videos of various Tony & Jackey branches and services. They also have a two computers with internet free to use by customers or the company of a customer. 

Before the treatment

After the treatment

It’s a job well done for the Tony & Jackey hair stylist and assistants. Since I’ve mentioned earlier that I also had my nails done, I’ll be sharing my experience as well.  I decided to have French tips because I’ve always opt for full colored or nail art designs and it was my first time to try French tips and it actually looks really pretty and neat.

My French tips

Happy with my French tips

If you want to know more about Tony & Jackey, you may visit their website at 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn Official Movie Trailer is out!

Finally, after a long wait - the official movie trailer is out. To my co-Twilight saga fans, enjoy!

I can't wait for the movie to be out~ I'm so excited! I already have tickets for the Harry Potter Premier showing at eastwood on July 14, 2011 since I too am a fan of HP but I too am a fan of the Twilight Saga and I am so looking forward too their wedding and honeymoon scene in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie! *giggles*

Are you  twilight saga fan too? Let me hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Glam Works Nose Pore Strips Product Review

I really like facial scrubs because they not only help rub off dead skin cells but they also help remove blackheads and whiteheads as well. White heads has been my problem ever since but I make sure to clean my nose well while washing my face. However, sometimes washing your face is not enough. Another option you can turn to is meeting a dermatologist for facial cleaning. It is a little painful but your face will really be clean afterwards. They prick all your pimples and also with the use of a sucking tube, they can remove the white heads and blackheads. Since facial treatment is a little expensive, you can resort to home remedies that you can perform. 

An effective treatment is using nose strips. You can find a lot of brands for this, I’ve tried a few as well but of all the brands – that which I found very effective is the glam works Nose Pore Strips. Each box contains sealed 12 pieces of nose strips.

packs of nose strip

single nose strip

me using the product : self care time

It is very easy to use and here are the steps:
1.       Wash your  face
2.       Pat dry your face with a towel
3.       Apply nose strip on your nose
4.       Once applied, drop just enough water to soak the nose strip
5.       Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes
6.       Once completely dried, you may now remove the nose strip
7.       Wash face again to remove residues

It’s really nice to use this brand since it has a sweet mint scent when used. You can buy these glam works product at Watsons outlet in SM malls. 

Monday, June 06, 2011

Breaking dawn Part 1 Movie Teaser

I am a reader and lover of the Twilight Saga. Seriously it's true! I finished reading all four (4) books when I was still in 1st year college (about two to three years ago?) and now I am on my fourth year in college. For your information, the first two books already has a movie version - Twilight and New Moon. The next book is Breaking Dawn and I am so happy that the movie is going to be divided into parts (finally! not just trying to squish the story in 1 book). The part 1 of Breaking Dawn is COMING SOON and I am so EXCITED to see it.The teaser video for the book can be seen below. 

I actually think that in the book the wedding was in the Cullen's house but in the teaser it's in the forest.  want to read the book again to refresh all the thrills I felt. I am excited to see the movie soon! 

Meeting blogger

I won in skysenshi (Ms. Bea) blog giveaway as one of the consolation prizes of the followers of her website. I had a free dinner with her at Heaven & Eggs at Glorieta 4 and a beauty loot from the face shop - a cute jelly lip gloss and my favorite the face shop nail polish (bronze). Photos below are from the blogpost itself on .

me with my beauty loot

free steak! We also got free pancakes!

me with ms. bea

See her blog post on our meet-up "Reader Focus: Sheena Marie R. Flores" at

Sunday, June 05, 2011

hbc Black Gel Eyeliner product review

I love make-up but I’m more addicted to nail polishes! However, thanks to discovering gel eyeliners (my first one being hbc black gel eyeliner) , I’m back to loving make-up even more! (Though soon I’ll be making a Nail Polish Blog haha!) So, the photo above is my make-up during the Philippine Fashion week day I attended and of course I kept the make-up simple but the black gel eyeliner did the trick. It’s pretty simple and quick to do. I simply had to line my outer eye as usual and added a sexy tip for a cat's eye effect. The photo’s below are the close-up shot of my eyes during that night.

Side View Photo

Front View

The reason why I love this gel eyeliner is because it’s so easy to use plus it’s easy to shape up the line using the brush. If you create a mistake (like I did), it’s easy to remove the gel eyeliner or you can simply top it and redesign your cat's eye look since it’s just easy to glide with the brush. If you’re an amateur to using gel eyeliners, trying it with hbc gel eyeliner will be a good choice – the consistency of the gel is really good. You should try it out now and go to the nearest hbc outlet. 

Enjoy using your own gel eyeliner! I really use mine, that’s for sure. For parties and special events it is fun to use gel eyeliners . However, you can use this is a daily beauty routine – I wanna try it out actually this June but I guess trying the brown gel eyeliner would create a softer look than the black.