Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Glam Works Nose Pore Strips Product Review

I really like facial scrubs because they not only help rub off dead skin cells but they also help remove blackheads and whiteheads as well. White heads has been my problem ever since but I make sure to clean my nose well while washing my face. However, sometimes washing your face is not enough. Another option you can turn to is meeting a dermatologist for facial cleaning. It is a little painful but your face will really be clean afterwards. They prick all your pimples and also with the use of a sucking tube, they can remove the white heads and blackheads. Since facial treatment is a little expensive, you can resort to home remedies that you can perform. 

An effective treatment is using nose strips. You can find a lot of brands for this, I’ve tried a few as well but of all the brands – that which I found very effective is the glam works Nose Pore Strips. Each box contains sealed 12 pieces of nose strips.

packs of nose strip

single nose strip

me using the product : self care time

It is very easy to use and here are the steps:
1.       Wash your  face
2.       Pat dry your face with a towel
3.       Apply nose strip on your nose
4.       Once applied, drop just enough water to soak the nose strip
5.       Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes
6.       Once completely dried, you may now remove the nose strip
7.       Wash face again to remove residues

It’s really nice to use this brand since it has a sweet mint scent when used. You can buy these glam works product at Watsons outlet in SM malls. 


  1. Is it not painful when you get off the nose strip? I think I have seen this product in Watsons-Cagayan de Oro. My friend used the nose pack. I don't know the difference yet. Have to try this one. Thanks for sharing.

    Mariel from Cagayan de Oro (

  2. No it's not. it really sticks - which is why it is effective. It's available in SM CDO watsons, try inside the department store - that's where me and my sister buys.