Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three Years and counting

     It has been three years now that I've entered the Ateneo de Manila University and three years as well of dorm life as part of the Ateneo Resident Student Associations (ARSA). Now in our senior year (though I still have a super senior year), I'd like to introduce my dear roommates who have been my roommates for three and two years and counting. 

Clockwise from upper left: 

     Hi! I'm Sheena Flores and I'm the sweetandhappylife blogger. I'm a B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) Student. Although I'm the 'chick-engineer' *wink wink*, being in the technology inclined profession -- I do love fashion, photography, and music. I'm an active student leader in school and I'm currently the Vice President for Special Projects of our home organization the Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society (AECES). You can check out our website at

     Meet Rona Palines. A B.S. Management major in Ateneo and my roommate for two years now and still  counting. She's had a great Junior Term Abroad (JTA) last year at Taiwan and brought home as pasalubong to us very cute necklaces. I go the butterfly one - so cute! She is a current officer of the Ateneo Student Catholic Action (AtSCA).

     Meet Ingrid Salud! We call her 'Ingz' for short. She is a B.S. Communications Technology Management Major. She has been my roommate for two years now  however we have been classmates for four years in high school at Xavier University High School and we both belonged to the honors section. She is a photographer and she had her Junior Term abroad in the beautiful country of Korea last year.

     Finally, meet Lawreanne Sanico! We call her by her nickname 'Weanne.' She's a B.S. Management of Applied Chemistry major. She was part of last year's Ateneo Student Leadership Assembly (ASLA) and is this years Loyola Mountaineers (LM) Organization President. She is an environmental lover and a girl who hikes mountains because she loves too! By the way, she has been my roommate since freshmen year which makes her my roommate for three years now and still counting. 

     All my roommates are having their On the Job Trainings (OJT) this summer while on the other hand. I'm still taking required subjects for summer since our OJT is scheduled summer next year. Also, all three of my roommates are on their final year in college except me since I have a super-senior year or fifth year in college. But, I'm definitely getting a copy of this year's yearbook since technically my batch-mates are the Ateneo batch 2012. 

      How about you my dear reader? Do you have roommates as well or the like that are ONE-OF-THE the awesome friends in the world? 


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  2. Aww! Kilig! Thanks, Sheen! I love you! <3