Friday, May 20, 2011

It sounds better with a boom

Being an engineering student, people usually have the bias that I am a super 'techy' person. I am to some extent but not-so compared to my other engineering friends. It's probably because I only buy what I need and only buy what I really want.

A long-time bucket list of what I want to buy for myself are two things : my very own camera and my very own speakers. I enjoy watching movies a lot with my laptop and even listen to songs while a study or rest with my laptop but for the audio, I only rely on my built-in laptop speaker and my earphones. The built-in speaker is good enough however its just 'good enough.' Using my earphones, on the other hand, is fairly well however it sores my outer ear over time. There is really no escape to my realization that my all-time-dream of having my own speakers is A MUST!

First, Let me show you my laptop - Benq Joybook Lite U121 Eco.

My laptop audio specs are as follows: 

Built-in 2W speaker x2
Built-in Microphone x1
Soundsystem x 2 channels
 (1) Sound Blaster Pro Compatible
 (2) HD Audio
 (3) Noise Suppression & Echo Cancellation supported
 (4) SRS TruSurround HD™

Like what I've said, it's good enough but this is the price you pay for wanting a portable light-weight laptop. My battery life is actually pretty good - maximum of four hours. This is why my laptop is really my buddy especially that my engineering classes requires me to bring around a laptop for projects, programming, and simulation activities. However, a good speaker/s would surely help me with my video-watching and music-listening lifestyle. 

I've recently discovered a really good speakers. It speakers br
ought to you by divoom (see I think my soulmate as a lifestyle speaker is Divoom's "Divoom Divo Speakers." 

Now, why is Divoom Divo my lifestyle soulmate? Well, it's because Divoom Divo offers a stylish combined with great performance. It's featured to have a 2.1 circuit design. Also, its coolest feature is (wait for it: *drum roll*) you can control the volume just by touching. Isn't amazing? Having this amazingly-fashionably-cool speaker, DIvoom Divo is going to make me a techy girl for sure! 

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