Friday, May 27, 2011

MyShoephoria Free Shoe Shopping Experience!

Got this pair of heels without spending a sing coin
My lovely Black Leather High Heeled Schutz

Last May 7, 2011 (Saturday) – I claimed my free pair of Schutz from Adora Greenbelt. I was one of the ten winners of the most liked myshoephoria accounts on As an award to the top ten liked myshoephoria account users , each of us were give a free pair of shoes from the collection of shoes displayed in Adora. We had our MyShoephoria rendezvous at the Lusso Restaurant which was of course the treat of myshoepgoria team. I had an exciting time meeting bloggers like me but of course they have been blogging longer than I do. Also, I am very greatly honored to have met the founder of myshoephoria Miss Ann who was with us in our shoe shopping. See the video below for a sneak peak on our amazing shopping experience.

Honestly speaking , I was really conscious at first when I arrived at the Lusso Restaurant because when I arrived there were all seated there and I was asked the basic questions like what was my name, where do I study, how I came across myshoephoria and the like. It was fun conversing with Miss Ann and to my amazement here college undergraduate degree was B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) which is my current course in the Ateneo. I felt like the passionate girl inside me ignited with Passion because miss Ann really inspired me that if you dream it, if you desire it, if you really want it – no matter which college course you are in, you can be that girl you want if you work hard and put your heart into it. Since it was my first time to buy classy-sassy shoes I asked for help from miss Ann on how to pick the party shoes that would be suited for me and viola I found my ‘SOLE-mate’. 

MyShoephoria Top 10 most liked Contest Winners

In the group picture above, in front of me is mom-blogger of and she even brought her 8-month old baby with her – so cute! Seated at the end on the left side of the photo is founder of myshoephoria miss Ann.  Second from the end on the left side of the photo is blogger Trivia : she and her husband are both bloggers, cool eh? Now if you wanna see the lovely shoes we won, photos below are the 8 winners (including me) who were able to attend the Myshoephoria shopping, the other two winners were unable to attend because of work so their shoes were to be shipped to them. Trivia: I am the youngest winner and the only still-studying-in-college winner which was why I was a little intimidated because these amazing girls with me were already working but nonetheless I had fun!

Back-to-Back: 2 lovely pairs of heels and 2 sassy pairs of flats 

We love it high heeled: four fabulous ladies who chose high heels

The 8 winners who claimed their prize in Adora

Let me end this post with another interesting trivia – the girl in the rightmost on the second by-four photos with the red heels is getting married this June and that lovely red heels is to be paired to her lovely wedding gown. MyShoephoria really made me feel like a princess.

Special thanks to MyShoephoria for the photos on this blog.

Contest Alert: MyShoephoria is having a new contest giveway. Visit and sign-up at www.myshoephoria .com now for more details. 


  1. I was like "Wow!". You are very lucky to have win that shoes from myshoephoria. I am jealous. I really love to collect shoes. I'll try to join in their contest. I hope I'd win too. =)

    Mariel from Cagayan de Oro (

  2. Hey Stacey!!! Thanks for the link sweetie!=)
    Nice blog you have, followed you, btw.

  3. Hi Mariel: I got it as a giveaway prize. They have a new contest, maybe you'd like to join

    Hi Ayieh: followed your blog as well :)